32. My Bold Step… I’ve Just Entered the British Podcast Awards!

Being Fearless

Special Edition


Hello lovely listeners, I’d like to offer you something a bit different this week. Inspired by last week’s episode, I’ve just done my own fearless thing and entered ALSO in PINK in the British Podcast Awards. I entered in three categories… Best New Podcast, Best Wellbeing Podcast and Best Lockdown Podcast.

And I’d love to share my official awards entry with you. It highlights 5 clips from episodes I’ve released over the past 6 months and gives you a taste of what ALSO in PINK is all about. I hope you enjoy it!

Featured Clips

Clip 1: Promo for the ALSO in PINK Ideal Lifestyle Vision Quiz.

This is included in several episodes as a mid-roll ad. I have a couple dierent versions of this but the one included here ties in nicely with Clips 4 & 5. Novelist Tracy Chevalier wrote a special scenario for this ad, which was first featured in her episode!

Clip 2: [00:01:51] Guest Interview. Episode 15: Being Unapologetically You with Entrepreneur Apryl Thatch.

This clip is a powerful testament to the impact we all have on the world. We discuss how Black Lives Matter has contributed to 2020 being Apryl’s all-time favourite year.

Clip 3: [00:07:47] Ask Alexandria. Episode 4: Is There Such a Thing as an Ideal Life? & How Do You Look Good on Zoom Meetings?

I do monthly Ask Alexandria episodes to answer questions from listeners. The question I’m answering in this clip is from a listener who says… “I’m wondering whether there’s such a thing as an ideal life. Is seeking it a continuing and never-ending process or journey we go on throughout our lives?”

Clip 4: [00:10:12] Guest Interview. Episode 9: Writing Bestsellers, Life & Lipstick with Novelist Tracy Chevalier.

This clip is all about lockdown realisations and getting better at saying no to things. Ask yourself, will you “earn, learn or do good”?

Clip 5: [00:12:39] Finale from Tracy Chevalier’s episode.

The final two quick-fire questions from Episode 9, running into the outro music and key takeaways.