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Hi there! I’m Alexandria

I’m a certified KonMari consultant and personal stylist. I founded ALSO in PINK to help you redefine how you want to live—to curate your wardrobe, transform your home and spark joy in everyday life.

My new weekly podcast is all about lifestyle design. It’s full of actionable tips and interviews with a delightful mix of creative people.

Hot off the press… my signature Digital Cleanse has just been featured in Forbes. You, too, can become a Virtual Tidying Hero.

Yes, tidying is officially a superpower.

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Virtual Tidying Hero!
The Digital Cleanse Course

Bring organised joy to your digital life. This gives you more time and headspace to focus on more important things: like creating the life you want. Ready to be a Virtual Tidying Hero? Get on the interest list and I’ll send you some tasty tidying tidbits as a starter. Yum!

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Impacting Millions

This is your year. Ready to make your publicity dreams come true in 2021? I’m a proud affiliate for Selena Soo’s programme that teaches you how to generate your own PR. Selena has TRANSFORMED my life. She got me to think like an entrepreneur & helped me get featured in Forbes. Selena can help you too!

Doors close today!

Alexandria helped me (finally) tame my digital chaos!

Liana Harvey
Creative Entrepreneur

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