48. How to Know When to Press Pause & Take Time for Yourself

Take time for yourself

Podcast Break

A taste of ALSO in PINK

This episode marks a new chapter for this podcast. After an amazing, whirlwind year, I’ll take you through why I’ve decided to press pause for a little bit and take a break. For those of you who love the show, don’t worry, I’ll be back. This is only the beginning of my journey with ALSO in PINK. So, I’ll tell you a bit about what I’m planning to do during my break, what to expect when I return and how you can make sure you still get your weekly ALSO in PINK fix. Listen to the full episode for details.

With nearly 50 episodes to choose from, you have many ways to occupy yourself during the ALSO in PINK summer podcast break. Here’s a little taste of the categories we cover at ALSO in PINK.

Episode Categories

  • Lifestyle – The broadest category, encompassing everything from life (and death) to friendship and plants.
  • Health & Fitness – Explores both physical and mental health.
  • Creativity & Design – Interviews with creators and designers from all walks of life.
  • VisualisationsImagine your ideal home… Visualisations to calm & inspire you.
  • KonMari Method – For all you Marie Kondo fans! Your tidying fix in podcast form.
  • Ask Alexandria – Your questions answered each month. Ask your question now for a chance to be featured.
  • Fashion & Style – Each ALSO in PINK episode has a style component but there are purely style-related episodes too (more on the way).
  • Entrepreneurship – Inspiring interviews with people who run their own businesses.
  • Entertainment – Stories and anecdotes from performers (musicians, actors…)
And coming soon… we’re branching out into Interiors!

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