47. Tap Your Way to Wellness with Trauma & EFT Tapping Specialist Sherry Lukey

Sherry Lukey

Trauma & EFT Tapping Specialist

Live with Joy, Not Stress

Sherry Lukey knows what it feels like to struggle in almost every area of your life. To try everything and not get lasting results. Just a few short years ago, a medical specialist told her that “nothing more could be done”. She’s since healed from PTSD and years of depression. And she’s helped hundreds of clients release anxiety, heal themselves and excel at business and life. We explore the benefits of EFT tapping and Sherry guides you on a “tap along” session all about letting go. Plus, hear how tapping has helped Sherry embrace her true personal style with fun, colour and confidence.

Sherry’s Links


  • As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. “It’s just a tiny little gold book but it’s full of wisdom”.

Tap Your Stress Away

Listen to the full episode to hear Sherry’s “tap along” session on letting go. And refer to the tapping points diagram to see the location of these acupressure points.

Repair is just not available when you’re in stress response. That’s only available when you’re in relaxation.

Sherry Lukey

How to Manage Your Stress


It’s all about awareness. Connecting with your body and recognising when you’re experiencing stress.


This is the tapping part. “You’re acknowledging that you’re upset (the stress response) and then you’re able to actually choose something different as that blood flow comes back into the frontal lobe. It’s a really awesome physiological way to head, heart and gut shift the tape loop you’ve got going on in your head”.


Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. “So say you have this neural pathway for collecting things. It feels like you need a lot of stuff. And so that neural pathway has been paved and it’s the path of least resistance for your brain. In order to change that, you have to create an off-ramp. You reprogramme and choose something different. But that new off-ramp (off that highway) is like a goat trail. It’s not the path of least resistance. So you have to actually keep choosing to take that trail until it becomes the paved highway. And then the brain does this amazing thing called pruning. It basically prunes the neural pathways that aren’t being used. And so if you quit using those, they’ll get clipped and no longer exist”.

Yes, the brain is awesome.

Be more compassionate with yourself. We’re pretty hard on ourselves. I think if the world had a whole lot more compassion generally, the world would work a lot better.

Sherry Lukey

Style Notes

Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry… you don’t need to abandon all your comfy, stretchy pandemic clothes. Unless, of course, you want to. This is more about choosing to expand your style, even when it scares you a little.

Listen to the full episode to hear Sherry’s style story. It’s about challenging her natural tomboy tendencies and only packing a suitcase full of skirts and dresses… Yes, tapping helps when you’re having a style freak out too!