31. Connect with Your Heroes & Be Fearless with Success/Business Coach Dijana Llugolli

Dijana Llugolli

Success & Business Coach

Being Fearless…

Success & business coach Dijana Llugolli helps female entrepreneurs unlock their potential so they can focus on giving their best and outsourcing the rest. To be more without doing more. And when she’s not coaching and teaching, Dijana interviews fearless people around the world. This episode has a lot of laughs, and you’ll hear Dijana’s story of something that recently pushed her out of her comfort zone. (Hint, hint… it involves connecting with one of her heroes.)

Dijana’s Links


  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. “It’s those small, small, small steps that make a huge difference. It’s really enjoying the little things…”

Your Heroes are Human

So, why not reach for the stars? As Dijana says…

“It’s not about you. It’s about the people you serve, right? Why should I even have this mindset that presidents, top elite performers are not available? Of course they are. If I just don’t think about myself but focus on how can I actually bring all these amazing minds together. They can work in a team. They can be the change for everyone. That’s the ripple effect, right? That’s pretty amazing”.

I love crystals as anchors. I always anchor something good, something positive, an experience. I have them in different parts in my office. But I also love to wear them when I feel insecure. So, when I feel insecure, I have an anchor that reminds me (especially when I’m on camera) that everything is okay.

Dijana Llugolli

How to be Fearless

Here are some tips from Coach D (for Dijana) in how to be more fearless in your life:

If you don’t reach out. “I think that I had this moment where I hesitated to reach out to someone. What I’m saying is don’t live in the regret. I had a moment where I didn’t reach out to a client and two years later she joined one of my programmes and we were talking and she said, ‘I wish that you’d actually contacted me before’. What I realised is if you don’t ask, it’s not just that you are going to hurt yourself, but you’re going to also hurt the other person because you are robbing them of an opportunity”.

Fear is not legit. “It’s false evidence appearing real. It’s not real. It’s just something that you want to feel to get out, to escape. When you feel the fear, the panic… say, thank you, but I’m going to put you on the back seat and I’m going to steer the wheel”.

Listen to the full episode to hear Dijana’s story of something that recently pushed her out of her comfort zone.

“What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, “What if you fly?” That’s a quote by Erin Hanson that led me through all of these years of being an entrepreneur because I think that even if you fall, you always get the lesson you need. And if you fly, you’ve got a win that you want. I don’t believe in failure. Failure is just feedback for improvement.

Dijana Llugolli

Style Notes

Embrace who you are. Be so comfortable in yourself that you can show up however you feel you want to—whether it is very casual, wearing yoga pants and Mickey Mouse socks, or maybe you feel like dressing up and putting on makeup… Whatever it is that works for you in that moment.

Dijana likes to keep it casual: “For my membership site where they’re just ladies, we have these Friday coaching calls. They’re really just casual, nothing business. We talk life, relationships—all this good stuff. And sometimes I come in a fluffy jacket. I’m covered with my blanket and I’m sipping my cocoa and we have an open real conversation because that’s where the magic happens. Because if they would see me in a dress (and really professional), you lose that openness I think”.