8. Ask Alexandria: Tame Your Many 1,000s of Digital Photos & How Do You Look Good on a Budget?

Ask Alexandria

Special Monthly Q&A

Episode Highlights

This month’s questions are wide-ranging. There’s a lot about the KonMari Method and I explore how to tame your many, many thousands of digital photos. We discuss style, from capsule wardrobes to makeup tips. And you’ll hear how Jane Austen helped me get my start in the world of fashion and style.

How to tame your digital photos

Be more intentional

To be master of your digital universe (specifically your photos), like so many things in life, it’s all about shifting your mindset. Let’s be honest… On a scale of 1 to 10 how intentional are you when you’re snapping pics on your phone? If you would describe yourself as “snap happy”, are you willing to invest the time it takes to sort through all these images?

Discard, organise & maintain

First focus on discarding. Slidebox is a great app to help you get all your photos under control. It’s a free app for iPhone and Android. It’s nicely designed and syncs seamlessly with iCloud. You can swipe up to quickly put photos in the trash. Slidebox helps you organise your photos with simple gestures and it’s much quicker than using the native Photos app.

Listen to the full episode for tips on how to shift your mindset, be more intentional with your photography & efficiently sort through all those photos.

We either have limitless storage to create content, or limitless time to engage with content, or… we are more intentional in the way that we interact with technology.

Alexandria Lawrence

Overview of the KonMari Method

  • The structure of the KonMari Method is very well thought through. It takes you on a journey. There are 5 categories and we tidy by category. This process starts with clothing, then we move on to books, then papers, then komono (miscellaneous items) & finally, we have sentimental items.
  • And this order is very deliberate. The beauty of the KonMari Method is that you start with “easy wins” and work up to potentially more challenging categories.
  • If you just have the budget to do one category with me as your KonMari Consultant, let’s do clothing. This gives you a great foundation in the method and just KonMari-ing your clothing can have a huge impact on your daily life.
  • Book a Discovery Call to see how working with a KonMari consultant can help you optimise your space & reach your goals.
Taking it to the next level…

If you’re keen to KonMari your clothes + elevate your style, the Capsule Wardrobe Package is a great option. Work with me 1-to-1 and build a versatile, 100% wearable wardrobe that you love.

Ageless beauty

For a minimal makeup look to suit you at any age, look no further. My favourite organic & sustainable luxury makeup brand, Kjaer Weis, has a fantastic mini tutorial for Ageless Beauty.

Watch this short video for product recommendations and application techniques…

Style & My Story

My style journey began many years ago… during childhood. I started drawing “fancy ladies” when my mom read aloud to me in the evenings. This fostered a love of design and fashion that, eventually, inspired me to choose a career path to match.

Listen to this episode to hear my origin story and what led me to start ALSO in PINK.

And here’s a taste of my fancy lady illustrations…

Alexandria's Fancy Lady Illustrations. Queue for the Ladies from The Hapless Rehearsal