7. Mindset, Thinking Big & Living Your Best Life with Integrative Business & Energy Strategist Relinde Moors

Relinde Moors

Integrative Business and Energy Strategist

Shift Your Mindset & Change Your Life

Have limiting beliefs kept you from reaching your full potential & living your vision? Well, you’ve come to the right place.Listen to the full episode & take a step towards living your best life.

Relinde Moors is a former pro dancer who works with visionary entrepreneurs. She unlocks limiting beliefs and paves the way for fulfilling, financial success. Even if you don’t identify as an entrepreneur, you can still learn so much from Relinde. So, stay tuned to discover how making money and having a successful dream business is directly related to your mindset and your energy.

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Release Limiting Beliefs

  • Is your identity and sense of self-worth tied up with what you do? Whether you are a performer, artist or creative person in any shape or form, it’s easy to allow your art to dictate your sense of self-worth.
  • In her transition from pro dancer to entrepreneur, Relinde came face-to-face with her own limiting beliefs. She has now come out the other side & runs a multiple six-figure business where she helps entrepreneurs get out of their own way and realise their potential.Listen to the full episode for expert strategies and tips…

Energy Work

Qigong, the Chinese energy art, is something Relinde uses in her work with clients. Her approach is very holistic – psychological, physical, emotional and practical. She focuses a lot on the mind, body, energy connection.

I talk about embodiment. First of all, just getting out of your head. Getting out of overthinking, but also tuning into the wisdom of your body. Where is this fear manifesting in your body? Listen to it and give it space. There’s this beautiful expression that says: the issues are in the tissues.

Relinde Moors

Learn from Experts

  • No one can do it all alone. In order to take your business, your life, to the next level, you’re going to need help.
  • What brings Relinde and Alexandria together is that they have the same mentor: the amazing Selena Soo. Selena and her incredible team really are the bees knees.Selena is all about building relationships and creating genuine connections with like-minded people. These powerful connections and Selena’s human-centred approach have enabled her to build a multiple seven-figure business, literally impacting millions, which also happens to be the name of her signature service.
  • Whatever you do… “be extremely selective who you learn from” – wise words from bestselling author & entrepreneur Ramit Sethi, who happens to be Selena’s mentor.

Community is Everything!

Who you surround yourself with has a direct impact on pretty much all aspects of your life: your mindset, how you see yourself & what you feel you’re capable of achieving. In order to THINK BIG, you need to surround yourself with people who are clear on their vision… who also think big.

Remember… if you think you can or you think you can’t… you’re probably right. BUT… it’s never too late to change the narrative. YES, you can.