39. Living an Aligned Life with Energy Healer Martha Nicholson

Martha Nicholson

Energy Healer

Mind, Body & Soul

Energy healer Martha Nicholson wants you to be delighted with your life. Martha has 20 years of dedicated study of the body and nervous system, and specialises in a wide range of energy-based treatments, including craniosacral therapy. If you’re at all skeptical about energy healing, Martha has a wonderful perspective on this too. Plus, she’ll lead you in a lovely stillpoint meditation, to help bring greater awareness to your body.

Martha’s Links


  • Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. “It is profound in some very interesting ways. About how we see the world and how we draw, how we create our worlds”.
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. “She talks about having an artist date, like making a date with yourself. Could be a half hour, could be a day, whatever you want to make it, but just that you regularly assess, what have I accomplished? So that you really get a sense of closure on some things”.

Say YES to Being Delighted

Are you delighted with your life?

“Living an aligned life is: does it really fulfil my values? Does my life feed and nourish me as a person, as a soul—as a friend, as a spouse, as a parent? I think of our bodies as this kind of home that we live in and, are we delighted to be at home?”

And when confronted with anything that challenges you, ask yourself:
How would I like this to go?

“Go into a meeting? How would I like this to go? And so you’ve kind of prepped the stage for, oh, I would love that everybody thinks this is a great idea. We work together. We collaborate. And it literally can be 30 seconds or less. How would I like this to go? And how can I bring myself in a neutral, open state?”

Listen to the full episode to experience Martha’s stillpoint meditation. Relax as she gently helps you bring awareness to your body.

We have our work life. We have our personal life. We have family relationships. We have our relationship with ourself. And when all of those things are in sync with one another, things flow really easily.

Martha Nicholson

Be Open to New Experiences

Whether we’re talking about energy healing, alternative medicine or something else entirely, open yourself to new experiences. Sure, skepticism is healthy, and you don’t want to get on board with every new idea that comes your way, but don’t let skepticism prevent you from trying new things. Being truly comfortable with yourself means that you can engage with different points of views without feeling threatened.

Let’s all live a rich, full life and be open to the idea that, individually, we don’t have all the answers.

Listen and hear Martha’s remarkable story of finding her heart on a hike in New Zealand…

What I would just say to anybody who’s skeptical—skepticism is a great thing. Be willing to at least try things. If you don’t like it, if you don’t have an experience of anything, cool. Try something different. But we all want more options in life rather than fewer.

Martha Nicholson

Style Notes

Yay orange! Orange sometimes gets a bad rap but it’s a glorious colour, especially when it’s one of your colours—yes, we’re talking seasonal colour analysis. 🌈

As well as her passion for orange, Martha loves comfy, soft T-shirts that she can play and be herself in. And when it comes to fashion and style, she says: “Can I have the really nice stylish version of what those clothes feel like?” Yes, absolutely! And that’s the beauty of working with a personal stylist.