40. Celebrate Your Milestones β€” And WOW, I Just Turned 40!

Alexandria Lawrence

40th Birthday Celebration

Let’s celebrate!

This episode is all about celebration. Celebrating your achievements, big and small. It could be a birthday. It could be creating a new habit or reaching a goal. And let’s not, of course, forget those mini milestones along the way. And the surprises.Β Those strange and wonderful things that make for good stories. Life is all about storytelling. I’ll tell you about some unusual things I’ve experienced lately, from running adventures to birthday miracles.

The magnificent birthday rainbow that appeared in our kitchen window…

Colour at Kew

Look at this stunning fellow!

Amongst the bursts of red flowers and perfectly raked zen gravel, there was right before us… a brilliantly coloured, glorious peacock. I’m not sure how many peacocks there are at Kew Gardens but I’ve never seen one up close.

This is Howard, my 40th birthday miracle peacock, walking gracefully across the screen like a film star. Yes, he knows he’s gorgeous.


Ben made me THE most delicious birthday cake.

It’s the Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Irish Cream from Ottolenghi’s Sweet. The perfect celebration cake. Ever so decadent and wickedly scrumptious.

Here are some pics to drool over until you make your own…