27. Don’t Wait to Dream, Build & Live a Life You Love with Life Coach Penny Casselman

Penny Casselman

Life Coach

Be Kind and Sparkle…

Penny Casselman is a Certified Professional Coach, blogger, and author of How to Get a Free Boob Job. As a breast cancer survivor and former corporate ladder climber, she knows it shouldn’t take a life-changing event to dream, build, and live a life you love. This episode has it all! We talk life, boobs, craft cocktails and how to best support loved ones going through a personal trauma. Penny has a spark all her own.

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Offering Support

It can be tricky to navigate how to help a loved one who’s going through a personal trauma. Here are some tips from breast cancer survivor Penny Casselman:

  • Stay in Touch. It could be as simple as letting someone know you’re thinking about them: a text, an email. “I did love getting cards in the mail. Everybody’s so electronic nowadays that it fun to get a piece of mail that wasn’t a bill or a solicitation. It was actually a nice little ray of sunshine in my day”.
  • Give without Expectation. Your loved one would LOVE to hear from you. But it’s important to leave the expectations for response. “Understand that you can’t possibly know what that person is going through in that moment you send it or they receive it. Making that connection and letting someone know you’re thinking about them is gold”.
  • Ask for Help. When you’re going through hard times, your loved ones want to be there for you. But they don’t always know how to offer their support. So, tell them what you need. It helps them and it helps you. “Reflecting on it, I realise that people really needed a cue from me as to what to do. My personality was never one to ask for help, which I now fully embrace both personally, professionally—that none of us get where we are without the support of others”.

Everybody wants to do something to make you feel better but they don’t know how. And so it’s important to let your guard down and give actionable things people can do.

Penny Casselman

The Joy of Craft Cocktails

Penny developed her love of craft cocktails at the Velvet Tango Room in Cleveland, OH.

“Craft cocktails are delightful. They’re happy. They’re fancy. It’s instant happy—that’s what craft cocktails are to me. They are instant happy”.

Penny’s signature cocktails.
Penny’s collection of gorgeous glassware.

Be conscious and focus on what you can control. I think too often we can get wrapped up in our go, go, go society with every stimulus that surrounds us. I can’t control the light turning red. I can’t control it raining. I can’t control so many things in the world and worrying about things beyond my control does me no good.

Penny Casselman

Style Notes

The power of a statement necklace. During Penny’s cancer adventure, she went on a statement necklace shopping spree.

“Oh my gosh, I still own every single one of them. I don’t wear them as often as I did back then, but they sparkled. They brought me joy. They made me feel good about myself. And it just lit me up when other things were bogging me down. I really enjoyed my statement necklaces.”