26. How I Turned My Life Around & Got Featured in Forbes

Alexandria’s Story

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And now for something a bit more personal. I’m going to tell you a story—my story. How I went from struggling freelance musician, failed entrepreneur and unhappy employee to finding my purpose and my people. And, yes, I got featured in Forbes within 5 months of launching my business.

I hope my story inspires you to say yes to putting yourself out there. To free yourself from toxic relationships—in your work life or personal life. To say yes to living your hopes and dreams.

Yes, you can make 2021 your year.

Alexandria’s Forbes feature
Alexandria Lawrence featured on Forbes: How A Digital Cleanse Can Help You Get Organised for 2021. Image with title text.
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Take Action

Don’t get stuck in an endless learning loop like I did. As my mentor Selena Soo often says, it’s all about taking that first “imperfect step”. Get yourself out there and take action…

  • Learn from experts
  • Learn from people who share your values
  • Be part of a community that inspires you
  • Take action before you’re ready

Listen to the full episode to hear my story, get inspiration and (yes) learn from my mistakes.