28. Ask Alexandria: How to Get Back Your Mojo & Figure Out What You Want in Life

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This month’s questions have a lot to do with bringing in positive energy. Even if you’re smack dab in the middle of a pandemic, you can still take action. You can get back your mojo—if it’s taken a little holiday in the sun without you.Take time to reflect on how you (really) want to live.

How to Get Back Your Mojo

1. Get active

It’s easy to get trapped inside your head. And your home—especially during these strange, pandemic times.

Get some sunlight.

Exposure to sunlight (in moderation) is surprisingly good for your mental health. Sunlight is thought to increase the release of serotonin in our brains, a hormone which has mood-lifting benefits and helps us feel calm and focused. Yay sun!

Do something physical.

Whether it’s taking a gentle stroll, going for a run, doing an interpretive dance in your local park, get out there and do something. It helps clear the cobwebs.

2. Start with one small win

Instead of setting huge goals and telling yourself that you’ll only succeed once you achieve them, let’s try something else.

Frequent. Small. Wins.

Start by doing something you know you’re good at. Whether it’s baking a cake, taking photos of cats, making weird and wonderful things out of straws, juggling three balls for 20 seconds, just go for it. Build up some positive vibes and confidence with an easy win.

3. Sample success

What would success feel like to you? Have you ever actually gone out there and got a taste of it? Take a moment and think of what you want. What you really, really want.

Sampling your success transforms it from that idea in your head into something more physical, more real. Even more desirable. And that might be just the push you need in order to actually make it happen.

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How to Figure Out What You Want

1. Find your niche
  • Think of the 10 things you are most passionate about. Go on, write them down.
  • Your top 3 passions are what we’ll focus on. This can be what marketers call your USP (unique selling proposition). Something that makes you stand out. That makes you who you are + unique.

These top 3 passions can help shape who you are, your career path or, at the very least, nudge you towards some fulfilling pastimes.

2. Look to the future

What’s your end goal? Where, for instance, do you see yourself in 5 years?

Erm. Say, what?

This can feel like an impossible question to answer. I hear you. Even attempting to answer it could, however, shed some light on things and help point you in a useful direction. Think of it as an exercise in detachment. Zooming out on your life and looking at it from a greater distance. You may no longer be able to see the details but you might see something else of value: the bigger picture.

3. Get inspiration from the people you aspire to be

Think of 5 to 10 people who have achieved what you would like to achieve. Immerse yourself in them—their journeys, their lives.

  • Read all their books (or whatever the equivalent is for them)
  • Follow them on social media.
  • In other words… Online stalking is absolutely fine. It’ll be our little secret.

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