12. Ask Alexandria: Can I KonMari My Fridge? & I’ve Lost My Style After 7 Months of Working From Home

Ask Alexandria

Special Monthly Q&A

Episode Highlights

This month’s questions are wide-ranging. There’s a lot about the KonMari Method – from how to clear your cluttered, unruly computer desktop to having a fridge full of joy.We discuss how to get yourself out of a pandemic style rut & there are tips for bringing more of that daily joy into your life. Also… how can we all make more sustainable choices?

How to KonMari Your Computer Desktop

You can absolutely KonMari your digital world. As with all things KonMari, the idea is that you only have to do it once: to confront all the items you own – all your belongings, all your digital files – once.

First discard… So let’s go through your computer desktop files one by one and make some decisions. You have 3 options.Listen to the full episode to hear what comes next…

Then, like with digital photos, it’s all about taking regular small actions to maintain your sparkly clear digital (or physical) space.

Style Notes

Why not look at the pandemic as an opportunity… to really get in touch with who you are, who you want to be and how you want to live. And what you choose wear is an important part of who you are. If you’re in a Covid style rut, see what one article of clothing you can change to immediately boost your mood and make you ready to seize the day.

I’m all for comfort and style. And, in our disposable culture, I believe it’s important to embrace quality. To make an investment in something you love, that’s well-made, stylish and seasonless.

Feel like you’re in a style rut? You can always, of course, enlist the help of a personal stylist to reach your goals a bit faster.

Sustainability Alert

Food waste is truly a global problem.
  • UK households waste 4.5m tonnes of food each year.
  • US households waste nearly a third of the food they acquire.
  • And up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted.
Consider what you can do to be part of the solution.

Is there a food recycling system where you live? If not, why not take action? Write to your local council or a member of your local government. It may not always feel like it, but your voice can make a difference. Doing nothing only achieves nothing.

Trewin Restorick, the chief executive of environmental charity Hubbub says:

If food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third biggest contributor to climate change.

He goes on to say that:

Transformational change can only be achieved by increasing the culinary skills of households, building greater awareness of the environmental impact of food waste, and creating a consistent nationwide food recycling system.

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to absolutely prove how connected we all are. Let’s work together to make our shared world a better place… in all ways.

Benefits of Personal Styling with Alexandria

It’s great to have the confidence to make your own style waves. But sometimes those waves get lost in a sea of uncertainty and self-doubt…

  • Working with a personal stylist can really help.That outside perspective could be exactly what you need to break old habits and add some pizzazz to your style game.
  • Book a Discovery Call with Alexandria to see how working with a personal stylist & seasonal colour specialist could benefit you. 🌈