Bonus: Embracing Mercury Retrograde

Embracing Mercury Retrograde

Behind-the-Scenes Special

Backstage pass…

It’s been a weird week. Here’s a peek behind-the-scenes of ALSO in PINK. I talk technical mishaps and pivots. Blame mercury retrograde if you like. The long and short of it is that the new interview I was hoping to have out for you today won’t be ready until next week.

It’s a funny story though and also strangely timely. Timely in the sense that we’re now in what’s called mercury retrograde. According to those who practice astrology, it’s a period of time when Mercury appears to travel backward across the sky — hence the retrograde. And this time is associated with confusion, frustration… delays. There’s lots of talk about disruption to forms of communication, information and technology. You’ll hear my ‘woo-adjacent’ take on this, and practical tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Listen to this bonus episode for the full story…