42. (re-release) Plants, Curiosities & The Natural World with Ines Stuart-Davidson

Ines Stuart-Davidson

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Yay, Plants

Plants and nature play an important role in my life, especially this past year. How about you? Isnโ€™t there something magical about being amongst trees and green things? Iโ€™m incredibly grateful to live in a leafy part of London, close to Kew Gardens. Kew has quickly become my happy place. The place I can most fully relax, switch off and enjoy the restorative beauty of nature. So, this feels like a good time to bring back an early episode of ALSO in PINK. I chat with Ines Stuart-Davidson about all things natureโ€ฆ and Kew.

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Everlasting Flower - Stunning Photo from Kew Gardens by Ines Stuart-Davidson
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