21. On Stage Adventures with Actor Simon Paisley Day

Simon Paisley Day


An Actor’s Life…

Actor Simon Paisley Day is credited in over 100 stage, film, television and radio productions. From Private Lives on Broadway with Kim Cattrall to numerous Shakespeare plays, TV shows – including The Crown, Doctor Who and Midsomer Murders – and feature films like the most recent Star Wars movie: The Rise of Skywalker. Join me as we pull back the curtain and go behind the scenes, exploring everything from stage fright and fainting to the role of green apples.

Simon’s Links


  • Tamarind Date Cake (of Globe fame)Alexandria’s top tip is to be mindful of baking time. She does 25-30 mins at 180Β°C and 15-20 mins at 170Β°C, but it entirely depends on your oven.
  • Newton Paisley Beautiful and unique fabrics and wallpapers, designed and hand-drawn by conservation biologist Susy Paisley (Simon’s wife).
  • Aigle Simon’s French wellies, which he absolutely loves: “They have a neoprene lining so that your foot stays warm. They have a proper grip and a heel. They’re a fine pair of things for walking in muddy woods”.

Simon’s Showreel

From rubbing elbows with royalty to comedy, political intrigue and martial arts – this showreel has it all!

The Hapless Rehearsal

Immerse yourself in Simon’s dramatic reading of Alexandria’s comical illustrated book…

Style Notes

Simon describes his personal style as pirate chic. But is quick to point out his brand of style is not “studied in its disheveledness”.

You know, I’ll get out of bed and put my running gear on and I’ll go running and then I’ll come back and I’ll forget to have a shower and I’ll take off my running shorts and I’ll pull my holey jeans on over the top of my lycra leggings, and then I’ll have my sweaty running shirt on. And then I put a jumper over that and then knot a little neck scarf around it in a natty way. And there’s no plan to it. It’s just, whatever is lying around. And I never buy new clothes.

So, in other words – once you figure out what you’re happy and comfortable wearing: own it! You can even come up with a fun name for your personal style, like pirate chic.

My wife describes [my style] as scarecrow chic. Actually I call it pirate chic because I think to be a wild, wild man of the waves is somewhat more romantic than being stuck in the middle of a field scaring crows away.

Simon Paisley Day