Alexandria Lawrence, Founder of ALSO in PINK. In Her Studio With Colour Analysis Drapes, Holding A Spring Colour Fan.
Alexandria Lawrence, Founder of ALSO in PINK. Smiling And Holding A Spring Colour Fan. Yes, She's Spring!

Your dream wardrobe

Imagine making better use of the clothes you already own. And getting expert help to fill in the gaps and elevate your style. Working with a personal stylist is a great way to shake things up and discover your true style.

Alexandria’s 1-to-1 Capsule Wardrobe Package combines the power of the KonMari Method™ with professional styling expertise to give you real, long-lasting results. And there’s The VIP Personal Shop where you get a personal online shopping experience too.

ALSO in PINK is committed to gender-inclusive styling.

Joyful Hanging Closet Storage Using The KonMari Method Of Tidying
Two Men Looking Through Luxurious Fabrics At Savile Row's Scabal With Tailor Tommy Raban
High-Quality Colourful And Tonal Women's Clothing Hanging On Rails In A Shop
A Tidy Wardrobe Solution - Men's And Women's Clothes Hanging By Colour With A Couple Pieces Neatly Folded Underneath
Woman Selecting Monochrome Houndstooth Dress From Rail - Always A Good Choice
Browsing Through Luxurious Fabrics For Made-To-Measure Wedding Suits At Scabal On Savile Row
Two Men Looking Through Luxurious Fabrics With Tailor Tommy Raban For Made-To-Measure Wedding Suits At Savile Row's Scabal
Chic Women's Clothing Hanging On A Rail Next To A Mannequin Wearing A Natty Hat
Colourful Dresses And Striped Women's Clothing Hanging On A Rail

Capsule Wardrobe Package

First, let’s KonMari your clothing

By starting this process with the KonMari clothing category, we’re setting you up for success. If you want to completely rethink your approach to your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place.Alexandria will be your guide and help you reconnect with the clothes you already own. The KonMari Method™ is all about discovering what brings you joy in a very personal and powerful way. It ties into your vision for your ideal lifestyle. It helps you fundamentally refresh your wardrobe.

Only you can decide what brings you joy. As your KonMari Consultant, Alexandria is here to guide you in the process and support you. We will have up to three 1-to-1 virtual guided sessions together (approx. 10 hours) to complete this category.

KonMari Method Of Tidying. All The Joy Letter Board Display With Fun Clothing Icons Floating Below It

Now, let’s get styling

We already have a clear idea of exactly what’s in your wardrobe. Thank you, KonMari clothing category.

Now you’ll have access to our exclusive interactive style questionnaire: a fresh, engaging way to focus on your style goals and get a better sense of what you like.

This is followed by your next 1-to-1 virtual session with Alexandria (approx. 3 hrs), which is the perfect opportunity to take your style to the next level.

We will go through your current wardrobe and:

  • Put together outfits
  • Discuss your best cuts and styles
  • Discuss how to accessorise
  • Identify missing key pieces

All the clothing & accessories you choose to keep will now go into your virtual wardrobe: a fun, new way to dynamically engage with your closet.

Capsule Wardrobe Personal Styling Session. Clothing Flat Lay Of Classic Style Personality - Monochrome With A Splash Of Pink

Booting up your virtual wardrobe
(access for 1 month*)

Ever seen Clueless? Remember Cher’s amazing (for the ’90s) virtual wardrobe? Well, this is even better.

With this collaborative tool, you’ll get to:

  • See all your clothing & accessories in one place
  • Have 3-5 outfits put together for you by Alexandria
  • Get shopping recommendations for new items

You’ll then be able to:

  • Fully engage with your wardrobe
  • Exchange comments on your stylist’s picks
  • Get new picks based on your feedback
  • Have 3 general styling questions answered

*Once this month is up, you can subscribe to continue this service. You’ll get the same monthly input from Alexandria.

Clothing To Demonstrate The Key Features Of ALSO in PINK's Virtual Wardrobe Personal Styling Subscription Service
The Capsule Wardrobe Package is the most effective way to revitalise your closet and build the wardrobe of your dreams.
For the first time ever...
I have an organised closet with clothes I really love.
Client MK • Capsule Wardrobe Package

The VIP Personal Shop

Yes, we can always take it up another level. ✨

A personal shopping experience

This is a special service for ALSO in PINK clients who have completed the Capsule Wardrobe Package.

What you have already achieved:

  • You’ve created a wardrobe that sparks joy
  • You’ve developed your personal style
  • You have outfits/looks you can rely on
  • You know key areas that could be improved

Let’s build from there to take your wardrobe to the next level.

As your personal stylist, Alexandria is here to support you and help you reach your goals.

Black Woman Standing In Front Of Modern Concrete Wall Holding Colourful Shopping Bags

How it works

Much like an in-person shop, where your stylist picks outfits for you in keeping with your goals and budget – your online personal shopping experience is all about creating the same ease and luxury. And delivering the results you’re after.

The benefits:

  • Enhance key areas of your wardrobe
  • Experience hassle-free online shopping
  • Create up to 2 brand new outfits in line with your style goals
  • Try on & review your clothes in a 1-to-1 virtual styling session with Alexandria
  • Tie your new purchases into your existing wardrobe to create 3-5 new looks

SPECIAL BONUS: 1 month’s free access to The Virtual Wardrobe.

Inside The ALSO in PINK Studio. Work Desk Featuring An iMac And Fun Pink Plant – Overlooking A Stunning View of SW London
Whenever you need a new outfit for a particular event or occasion, or you're just after a wardrobe refresh, The VIP Personal Shop is your go-to shopping solution.
I would definitely use Alexandria again...
She was very friendly, willing to listen and worked hand in hand with me to find the right outfits.
Client H • The VIP add-on

The Virtual Wardrobe

An innovative way to engage with your personal stylist & your wardrobe.

Your Online Closet

The core of your virtual wardrobe, your online closet is where you upload and view all the clothing & accessories you currently own. It’s an excellent way to take stock and see everything you have in one place. Alexandria can then arrange your uploaded items into outfits.

Your Lookbook

A great way to engage with your stylist. Alexandria uses the Lookbook to create outfits for you from the clothing & accessories you already own. And she can zhuzh up your outfits with new items you purchase from your ‘Finds’ section. Build looks for any and every occasion.

Your Finds

Fancy a bit of shopping? Alexandria can recommend new items, called Finds, to enhance your current wardrobe. You can exchange comments about these picks. And then easily purchase items via the Finds section to review with Alexandria in your next 1-to-1 session.

The Virtual Wardrobe is a monthly subscription service.
Who is ALSO in PINK for?
Gender-Inclusive Styling Services

Whatever your gender and however you like to present, ALSO in PINK welcomes you.

Women’s styling • Men’s styling • Gender-fluid styling. We’ve got you.

ALSO in PINK is committed to:

  • Helping you feel confident in yourself and your style
  • Helping you show up as the best version of yourself
  • Helping you realise your dreams & live your ideal lifestyle

Plans & Prices

Alexandria Lawrence smiling, holding a seasonal colour fan and wearing a jazzy monochrome sequin jacket.


Alexandria’s 1:1 coaching packages are currently off the market.
Please check out this page to see what’s on offer now.