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Surroundings that spark joy

Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her innovative approach to tidying. The KonMari Method™ enables you to take a step back and examine the bigger picture – your vision, your life – before getting into the nitty-gritty of sorting out your piles of stuff, one category at a time.

As a certified KonMari Consultant™ Alexandria Lawrence can help you transform your space, and your life.

Alexandria Lawrence, Founder of ALSO in PINK. Portrait Wearing A Ganni Red Blouse And Gold Earrings By Annelise Michelson
Certified KonMari Green Consultant Badge
The KonMari Method Sparks Joy With KonMari Folded Stockings And A Komono Drawer Full Of Tidy Custom Spice Jars
Marie Kondo's Bestselling Books About How To Change Your Life Through Tidying And A Closet Full Of KonMari Folded Tea Towels
Neatly Folded Stockings That Spark Joy Using The KonMari Method Of Tidying
Marie Kondo's Bestselling Books About The KonMari Method And How To Transform Your Life Through Tidying
A Closet That Sparks Joy With Tea Towels Neatly Folded Using The KonMari Method Of Tidying

How the KonMari Method™ works


Free Discovery Call

Like many of the best things in life, the KonMari Method™ begins with a chat.

This is an opportunity for you and Alexandria to get to know each other and see how ALSO in PINK can best help you reach your goals.

We’ll discuss your needs and how the KonMari Method™ can help you optimise your space and your life.


Tidying by Category

The KonMari Method™ takes you on a journey. We tidy by category – starting with clothing, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) & sentimental items.

As your KonMari Consultant, Alexandria guides and supports you throughout your KonMari journey. Some fun terminology: if you choose to complete all 5 KonMari categories, this is called a KonMari Marathon, or Tidying Festival.

You work with Alexandria to create a vision for your ideal lifestyle, which lies at the heart of everything you do. The goal is to surround yourself only with what you love.

The Five Categories

KonMari Tidying: Clothing Category. Neatly Folded Colourful Clothes Using The KonMari Method

Category One • Clothing

On average, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. That means very few of us take full advantage of our wardrobe. And most of us have closets full of clothes that don’t see the light of day. Clothes that we don’t particularly like. Clothes that don’t suit who we are now, and who we want to be.

How would it feel to use 100% of your wardrobe? To always know where all your clothes are? Do you long for a joyful wardrobe, full of clothes you love? You’ve come to the right place.
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KonMari Tidying - Category Two: Books. View Of An Oak Scandi Style Bookcase Full Of Books Categorised By Colour

Category Two • Books

Does your ideal lifestyle vision include having a home full of books? If so, that’s great.If not, that’s also great.The KonMari Method™ does not limit the number of items you keep in any category. As long as each book brings you joy, you are absolutely free to keep as many as you like.

As with any category, applying the KonMari approach to books can enhance, not limit, your collection. It’s an opportunity to remind yourself of what you have, and ensure you surround yourself with books you really want in your life.
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KonMari Tidying - Category Three: Papers. Tidy White Metal Filing Boxes On Shelves, Labelled: Style, KonMari & Interiors.

Category Three • Papers

Papers here, papers there, papers nearly everywhere. Are you someone who tends to keep all the papers?From notes and old course materials to instruction manuals, utility bills, greeting cards… The list goes on. Papers can easily overwhelm us, especially if we don’t have an effective system for dealing with them as they come into our lives.

But papers don’t have to be a burden. It’s possible to get them under control and make them work for you. Alexandria can help you tame and manage your papers.
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KonMari Tidying - Category Three: Papers. Tidy White Metal Filing Boxes On Shelves, Labelled: Style, KonMari & Interiors.

Category Four • Komono

How about everything else? Your spice jars, pots and pans, toiletries, cords and cables, sports equipment, coins, knick-knacks of any and every variety… The list could get quite long.This is all called komono, or miscellaneous items.

The beauty of the KonMari Method™ is that you start with “easy wins” and work up to potentially more challenging categories. As your KonMari Consultant, Alexandria will guide you through this process and make sure you get through to the finish line of your KonMari Marathon.
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KonMari Tidying – Category Five: Sentimental Items. Lovely Photo Album With Childhood Photos Of Girl & Boy

Category Five • Sentimental Items

Saving the best for last.This final category is all about putting your past in order. If you had tried to do this at the start of your KonMari journey, you very likely would never have finished. By saving sentimental items until the end of this process, you develop a better understanding of how you want to live your life and what you want to bring with you into your future.
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I absolutely effing loved it!
When you are only surrounded by things you love it lifts your whole minute-by-minute experiences.
Client CF • KonMari Marathon, Herts

Plans & Prices

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