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KonMari Category Three β€’ Papers

Happy in the middle.

This is your KonMari category equivalent to hump day. Meaning, of course, you’re nearly halfway through your Tidying Festival. Yay!Blink twice if you’re still fired up and want more joy in your life… and your home.
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Guidelines for Papers

This guide offers an introduction to the KonMari Methodβ„’. As a certified KonMari Consultant, Alexandria is here to support you on your journey to a tidy, joyful home.

1. Piles of paper

You guessed it. We’ll start by gathering together all the documents and papers you are personally responsible for in one place.

Yes, we’re talking all of them… Birth certificates, bank statements, pay slips, tax documents, vehicle documents, bills, warrantees, instruction manuals, notes and course materials, qualifications and certificates, receipts, business cards, greeting cards, wrapping paper, newspapers, recipes… and any other miscellaneous papers you can conjure up.

If you don’t approach the selection process with a commitment to getting rid of them all, you will barely make a dent in the overall volume.

Marie Kondo, Spark Joy
KonMari Tidying - Category Three: Papers. Pile Of Papers With Colourful Paperclips On Desk. Time To Get Sorting

2. Joy checking

You may be able to apply the usual ‘joy check’ to things like greeting cards but there are more utilitarian – and less joyful – types of paper. Alexandria will support you in navigating these murky waters.

Aside from those essential documents you need to keep, you will be surprised at how many items you could potentially happily discard.

Does It Spark Joy? Yes, The KonMari Method Is All About Finding Joy In Your Home, And In Your Life. (Vector Illustration)

3. Sort it

Quite possibly the most useful words in the (British) English vocabulary: sort it, get sorted.

We’ll sort your papers into three piles:
  1. Pending – for all those papers that require action
  2. Frequently accessed
  3. Infrequently accessed

Then Alexandria will help you devise a strategy for tacking all those pending papers. Paper overwhelm is a common ailment for which there is luckily a cure.

KonMari Tidying - Category Three: Papers. Three Piles Of Paper To Represent How We Sort Papers Using The KonMari Method

4. Responsible discarding

This takes on new meaning when it comes to papers.

In addition to recycling your unwanted papers, it’s important to be fully aware of any sensitive information they contain. Shredding is often the safest way to secure personal information. When in doubt, it’s always best to consult a legal/financial professional.

Take the necessary time to responsibly dispose of your papers and you will thank yourself later on.

KonMari Tidying. Responsible Discarding Takes On New Meaning In This Category. Here's A Lovely Ball Of Shredded Paper - Yum.

5. Your ‘Goldilocks’ filing system

You are unique and so is your ideal paper filing system. You need to be able to quickly and easily find and put away papers. Just as importantly, you need a system for tackling those daily incoming papers. Alexandria will support you in developing a paper filing system that’s just right for you.

If you have an effective system for managing papers as they come into your life, you can prevent that backlog and get things done.

Marie Kondo’s storing supplies for paper
  1. Clear plastic document folders
  2. File boxes and magazine file boxes
  3. Binders with or without page protectors
KonMari Tidying - Category Three: Papers. Neat White Metal Filing Boxes On Shelves, Labelled: Style, KonMari & Interiors.
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Working with a KonMari Consultant

Do you struggle to tidy your home? Have you accumulated lots of things you no longer want in your life? Are you constantly shifting around piles of stuff? Are you ready for something to change?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, working with a KonMari consultant may be exactly what you need to shift the balance.

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My basic principle for sorting papers...
is to throw them all away. My clients are stunned when I say this, but there is nothing more annoying than papers. The term β€˜papers’, by the way, does not include papers with sentimental value like old love letters or diaries.
Marie Kondo